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Having the certification has increased my confidence in driving events and also increase my credibility in front of my stakeholders on the methodologies
Wakeel from Mauritius
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
Many thanks Anna for this great opportunity to learn more about LSS approach! The project will be very useful to me as I work in the field of consultancy to public administrations where process improvement is an issue of major concern for better services performance.
Gloria from Italy
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
I got an introduction to Six Sigma concept and its basic tools during my CMA (Certified Management Accountant) journey. Back then it seems to me as a magic power to improve any process and I made a mental note to return to it later. And I did. More I read about Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, more I got involved. I got inspired to find that Go4SixSigma offers a practical, hands-on Green Belt course. I was happy to get the opportunity to learn and to go through all tools on my current project. It is challenging but absolutely worth it!
Kseniia from Ukraine
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
How it works
Studying LSS Green belt was important to me because as someone based in a developing country i see a lot of processes that need to be improved. LSSGB to me is ideal for starting improving processes in Africa where i am based, be they in Aid, health, education, construction, manufacturing.
Zen from Mozambique
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
I wanted to enrol to the LSSGB of to get a recognized and standardized method for problem solving. Anna's videos and personal support are very helpful to understand and apply the different steps of the DMAIC method. Personally, I improved my professional know-how in problem solving, and it gave me the motivation to learn more about Lean and Six Sigma. Since, I apply the methodology in team group for tricky professional projects and read a lot about LSS.
David from France
Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma works!!!

All should use this methodology to solve ever business problem, I am fascinated in the potential use of DMAIC. 

If we all use this methodology to propose solutions, these would be more coherent and less short-sighted. Go4sixsigma provides simple but powerful tools to organize ideas and find lean solutions. It was a great experience to take the Green Belt with go4ss. Completely recommended !

Oscar from Ecuador

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

To become LSS GB, was the most important thing I could achieve between last year and the beginning of this one. The world of LSS GB is a world of challenges. Challenges that in the business world you can not face unless you are prepared. It is worth mentioning that being LSS GB, you  will have better opportunities, since most CEO's and General Managers know how valuable it is to have among their team certified people in LSS, right now I am LSS GB, I hope to start soon with my LSS Certification BB. For these reasons and more, Certification in LSS is the best option that anyone who wants to develop professionally should take   

Mauricio from Nicaragua

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
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