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Do you have an experience when you listen to a trainer presenting so many Lean Six Sigma tools and later you start to lead your project and you are totally lost? I have seen it so many times that I decided to design the most efficient and effective Lean Six Sigma certification program where you will know exactly what to do and when.
You start with Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt level to become aware what is Lean & Six Sigma, what are the main tools related with each of methodology. You will learn how to implement a change and what to expect in cross culture environment. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is the next step based on your DMAIC project as you will have an opportunity to lead your own improvement project. You will select a process you are familiar with and identify the problem in the process as the next step. You will be supported with a project template to better understand DMAIC logic. The next step is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification when you are ready to learn more tools as you are already certified LSS Green Belt. You can deliver another DMAIC project or you can implement the continuous improvement culture in your company as a part of BB Certification.
My passion and support will help you to be successful on every step. 
Your success is my success. 

Anna Grabowska-Grabiec
Lean Six Sigma MBB 
Over 3000 participants trained and certified in LEAN SIX SIGMA
You can be the next one!