New Year's resolutions

New Year's resolutions are ineffective. After two or three weeks we return to old habits. Why? Because we want to make a big change in a short time and a large change is in the end a lack of change. A big change is a big effort, and with great effort we are giving up quickly. We want to lose weight and start eating lettuce from 1 January, for breakfast, lunch, dinner. How long do we stand? 2-3 days? Then we begin to eat everything that was before because this diet was too huge effort for us. We buy a 1 year pass to the gym and start going there every day. How long will we continue with such a week plan? For a person who is not very physically active already one week will be a challenge and big effort. Speaking about big effort - there will be always a moment when we will say: enough! Let's start the new year with Kaizen, small steps instead of a large change. The gym twice a week instead of 7 times per week. One unhealthy product eliminated per one week, week after week. Let’s take care of ourselves and do force ourseves to a huge effort. Step by step. Kaizen 

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