Do you want to become KISS Master?

A kiss is about the magic, it is the simplest way to show love and comfort of having another person next to you. It is also about trust and acceptance.

In Lean Six Sigma KISS means Keep It Short & Simple!

What does it mean?

Let's start with a story - a long meeting with 5 presentations, you are the last to present your one. You have 17 slides, every slide is so important with critical information for the company. Each presenter has around 10 slides and 30 minutes per presentation. Every slide is overloaded with data, graphs and long sentences. Think about the audience in the meeting room - they can follow the first 2-3 slides from 1st presentation, maybe the second one just the first slide.

What about you? Probably in the end you will have time to present only 2 slides and still nobody will be involved.

Why? Because it is just too much!

We have so many information around us and the beauty is to keep the information short and simple. 3 slides instead of 17. One message per slide - maybe just a picture and you tell the story with data to proof it. Think about your audience - you need to show a respect for their time. Keep it short and simple and people will understand what is your point. They will have a comfort of getting your message.

Another example - internal procedures/ manuals 20-30 pages per procedure and 150 procedures in total. Sounds short and simple? What is the value of having so many procedures? How many of them were used in last 2 months for training a new employee, knowledge sharing between employees or maybe for improvement project? A procedure adds value when is used - it is used when it is short and simple, located on the desk and not hidden on the Sharepoint.

Keep in short and simple when you talk. What I have done? What I am doing now? What I will do tomorrow? Keep it short and simple to show respect to the time of the other person.

Become KISS Master.

Feel free to add comments with your examples of KISS!