Lean vs. Six Sigma

What is the difference between Lean and Six Sigma?

Let us keep it short and simple as it is Your first Lean Six Sigma Project.

Lean is about wastes reduction and Six Sigma is about variation reduction. Sounds strange? Go to your favorite restaurant. Do you see the process of your order preparation? Usually You do not see it. But You can go to the kitchen and look at the process - all activities that are not adding value to the process for You as a Customer are wastes. Still sounds strange? Please imagine there is no tomato anymore and they have to WAIT for tomato delivery - waiting is a Waste.

Six Sigma is about reducing a variation - the variation is what a Customer feels. Please imagine You wait for Your order 40 minutes today however last time it was 15 minutes. Are You happy? What is your expectation as a Customer? 5 minutes? Six Sigma is about reducing variation as a result of understanding the Voice of the Customer.

Lean Six Sigma is about improving the Customer's experience.

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