New Year's resolutions are ineffective. After two or three weeks we return to old habits. Why?
Because we want to make a big change in a short time and a large change is in the end a lack of change.
A big change is a big effort, and with great effort we are giving up q...

You can choose from the below levels of certification:

1. Lean Six Sigma White Belt – the basic Lean Six Sigma awareness
2. Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt - A3 Problem solving expert (to be available in October 2017)
3. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Lean Six Sigma Project E...

Lean Six Sigma is simple, it is just about Y = f(x)

1. Define phase is about understanding what is the problem in the process and about describing the process and people involved. It is about defining the problem (Y).

2. Measure phase is about describing the process w...

A kiss is about the magic, it is the simplest way to show love and comfort of having another person next to you. It is also about trust and acceptance.

In Lean Six Sigma KISS means Keep It Short & Simple!

What does it mean?

Let's start with a story - a long meeting with 5...

What is a happiness? 

First define what does it mean to you, describe the current state. Are you happy? How to measure it? What is your metric of happiness? A number of smiles per day? A number of sunny days per month? Define the metric and measure it! Do you have data?...

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